Taken by Lara Salomon

So you want to know a little bit more about me do you? That’s why you clicked here. Well here it is…

The first thing to know is that this blog is a part of a promise to myself to start enjoying my life and to make sure that I take note of the things that I enjoy. It’s a long road, but it will hopefully be one that is good for me.

So on to the bit about me!

I hail from Johannesburg in sunny South Africa although half my family is Italian, from the South of Italy. I am twenty-three years old with a variety of interests and hobbies and an endlessly curious nature. Last year I left a tiny university town called Grahamstown and moved back to my home city while I figure out what to do with my life. I’m a recent university graduate, majoring in English Literature, Classical Civilizations and Anthropology with Honours in English Literature and a Masters in Creative Writing.

I love to tell stories and am an aspiring author, having taken part in NaNoWriMo the last few years. I have aspirations of becoming a publisher/editor of novels but we will see how far that goes. My dream job is to create RPG games forever and tell stories to people till I’m old and grey. I also enjoy online forum Role play, the play by post kind, although I’m far too fussy about what I like. I like to sit arbing in coffee shops for hours and sometimes whole days; doing work, chilling with friends and (quite shockingly) drinking coffee. I also love to smoke hookah (as you can see above).

My largest hobby by far is Tabletop Role-play Gaming. I was an active DM, never running less than 2 games at any given time until recently. I was heavily involved in my university gaming society, better known as GameSoc, heading it in 2008-2009, the vice for 2009-2010 and Head of the RPG section for 2010-2011. Since then I’ve been something of a consultant for the new committees.

Besides gaming, I have a range of other hobbies that include:

  • Cooking and baking: I love good food programs and I love eating good food. A pretty meal always makes me smile so I hope to share some of my favourites with you. I follow the Paleo Diet Eating Plan (with dairy) so hopefully I can show a few yummy things for others.
  • Knitting, crochet and needlework: I picked up knitting again over the last few years and have really gotten into the swing of things. Crochet is still uncharted waters for me having only ever managed to complete one crochet project, but hopefully getting better at it. Needlework is something I have done on and off in life, but recently the itch picked back up.
  • Stained Glass: A hobby originally started by my mother, I learned it from her and have enjoyed it ever since. If I can remember to take photos as I go, I’ll show some techniques on how to get it done. It’s really easy.
  • and so many more that will probably be mentioned…

About this blog, I hope to update it about twice as week, although I am easily distracted. I hope to fill it with the things that I make and that I like, the things that I think and believe in, the books that I read and the places I visit. It could go anywhere really.

Hope you enjoy the ride!



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